Certain things in life are best left untold, the rest are displayed in G-Talk. Thinking what this line refers to? The little things in life, we do, yet everyday, for no reason. Ever since Google launched their messenger service, it’s amusing to notice how we are updating our G-Talk status messages with every moment that takes our breath away, how else can you justify as to when Sweta said, “Life is not about how many breaths you take, but how many moments take your breath away.”  And Raj replied with his own, “Since when did New York become so polluted?” Google should be considerably happy about this achievement. They have changed the way the people look at status messages.


We hardly get to see a routine one such as “Busy”, instead we beat around the bush and state, “You have the right remain silent, so please consider it” or something like “No matter how much you ping me, it will be retorted with silence” or maybe more guesses, “You don’t need to ping me, go fly a kite”.  The basic nature of human being is to go against the nature. What the n number of people does, the n+1th guy tries to do (read: write) something different. Hence you see a Raunak stating, “I am never busy” and hereafter when you go happily pinging him –


Me: Hey dude, ‘sup? How you doing?

Raunak: Busy hoon yaar. Talk to ye later.

Me: L    


The trend that is has other advantages too. A salient message can do wonders in striking up a conversation with the opposite sex. Wondering how? Some days back, my friend put up this, – “cows aren’t only living ones, who swears by the grass” So the next obvious question is as follows –


She: Hi, interesting message…

He: J yep. Guess the other?   

She: umm… maybe a goat? Wot say?

He: neah… it’s me

She: Lolls… care to explain…




The rest is history. He  later checked it out in the chat logs(and showed me), how the conversation became a marathon, of 869 lines My friend bragged how grass here refers to marijuana, and how they made stuff and how much they smoked and finally ending with a Saturday evening date at Barista.


Other ideas exist too. It can well be used for some commercial gains. While I was in third year in engineering, we had to book tickets 2 months prior to the date of the journey, otherwise tickets would sell off. Later, 7 days to go for the exams to end and we are ready to hop into the train, our department exams got postponed and we had to stay back. Selling a ticket was a tough task (for some reason I didn’t want to go to the station and cancel it, lazy perhaps) I put it up as my status- “1 Sleeper coach seat available for Bangalore city- Howrah, you need it, then ping me. I got a customer within 24 hours. J Interesting;      


So till here, goes the analysis of how people try being different, how people try and strike up a conversation and how people use it for financial matters. The events too take a toll on their minds. Last year, when the Bhajji- Symonds fracas came out in the public, some of them made us read something like this – “I spit on the face of the aussies” and then to quote a recent happening, of Sourav Ganguly’s retirement Arun and Partha put up – “goodbye dadaK and “good bye dada!!!” respectively. One was more sad than excited and the other the reverse. (That’s my conclusion)  


Deb, went to Amsterdam for a client visit, and said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge” and the picture associated with, its best left untold, while other things are displayed in G-Talk.

P.S We love our status messages, and it’s just an innocent humor in uniform, one small one-liner a lunch-time inspiration. One last minute update, Deb changed his status a few minutes back, “No, more status messages please!!”  


Acknowledgement: I am ever in debt to some of my buddies, from whom I have borrowed, these whacky one liners, without prior permission, while some are original works of the author J


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