The Children of the Sky

The Children of the Sky

[Inspired from the movie, “The city Of god

The smoke is overflowin’ from the trembling berretta,

As the human Gods rant and rave, of a ruthless vendetta!

Gift them a flower!

Sing them a love song!

The earth is smokin’ smudging the wet painted skies,

As the tears rebel and tender hands hold guns n’ agonies!

The man down there is bleeding; can you buy him a stairway to heaven?

As the blue bird comes and waits; can you give him his childhood once stolen?

Gift him a drop of water!

Sing him a lullaby!

The earth is smokin’ smearing the hallowed sun,

As the tender minds smoke, snort and kill, to become a man!

Has he been crying the entire night? Starving since the full moon?

Did you hand him the gun that day? Did you help him paint the skies maroon?

You gifted him a chain!

You sang him a war song!

The earth is smokin’ because you lit the fire,

As the children of the sky, wait for the summer’s ire!

The man up there is unforgiving, can you pay back for the freedom; you stole one day?

Did he sing you a lullaby? Did you ask him a drop of water?

He sang you a love song!

He gifted you a stairway to heaven!

The earth’s smokin’ because you gave him the gun,

As you lie writhing in the city of gods, a peeping sun!


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