Sleep & Light: A Tête-à-tête

Sleep: Sorry, I was late, its time you left…Light!

Light: How can I? Can’t you see that the boy is so sad… he needs me. It’s only me that can keep sorrows of darkness away from this little mind.

Sleep: But he needs me too… to forget all this…and I cannot tread, into the place in your presence, its not possible.

Light: Please, for god’s sake! Let me stay… he’s so sad; he can’t even look at my eyes. He fears the darkness; it will engulf him, if I step away.

Sleep: I wish we could both have stayed… together, but you know we can’t! You have to leave… so that I can embrace this innocent tired mind.

Light: But…!!!

Sleep: He needs me more than you now. I am there in his eyes; he’s already feeling my presence. But if you still insist… I will leave.

Light: No!! Wait. If that’s his wish, I will move away, I won’t look at him.

Sleep: Yes, he needs it; he wants to come to me, and he needs me.

Light: But try to do this favor for me, protect him from the wrath of darkness…don’t let the dark engulf him, drown him to eternal grief.

Sleep: But, if you leave him, darkness is inevitable!! How can I resist him, I am powerless against this dark lord. With me come the unconscious and the darkness, hand in hand. Only you have that power to wipe HIM out.

Light: I know! But at this point of time he needs your touch more than mine.

** [Light is in deep thought] **

Light: Voila!! I guess I know the exact person who can do it, wait, I will tell you. There is definitely a way out.

Sleep: *scorns* who is that special person, Light?

Light: Let there be LOVE. He needs love. He doesn’t need me! Let LOVE take my place. Darkness is a mere shadow of his sorrow, when love is protecting him. Sleep my boy, sleep!!

The personification:

Sleep: your subconscious mind/ heart.
Light: your conscious mind/brain.
Boy: your soul/inner self.
Dark Lord: your negative mind.
Love: your desires/need.

Moral: Look beyond the obvious. Realize what you really need, instead of patching up life’s desires. There is always something… that doesn’t glitter, but can create wonders for you, even if its the hard wayround, even if its the thorn in a rose, the bliss in death or the thins amidst the thick.

the dream peddler


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